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Cash Out Early

Your ultimate resource for finding the betting sites that let you settle your bet before an event is complete. Each ‘cash out’ feature is different - we show you how they differ.  Find the best cashout betting sites for your needs.

Cash out early betting sites

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The early ‘cash out’ feature: What is it & why you might want your betting site to offer it

Especially for those bettors that follow sports closely and watch the matches upon which they bet, the feature allows you to settle your bet before an event is complete.  This allows bettors to have more control over their eventual payouts, securing profits or minimising losses on bets before the event has reached its natural conclusion:  Here are the three main ways that people can benefit from cash out early betting sites:

1)  Ever have pre-match second thoughts?  Get a significant partial refund: For those bettors that on occasion wish they could take back their stake before an event has begun, the ability to settle one’s wager before event completion may allow bettors the chance to get a substantial refund of their stake.  For example, if you placed your bet a few days in advance of a match, but a key player gets injured mid-week, which alters your thoughts on the match.  Through the these features, you may be able to essentially “refund” the majority of your stake.

2)  Sense a momentum shift during the match that will affect the result?  Settling your bet early is the solution:  We’ve all been there.  You’ve laid your stake on a the underdog to win.  Bang.  Early goal to your side.  Things have gotten off to a promising start.  But as the match wears on, your side’s legs are tiring and the favoured, more talented team is pressing for that tying goal, ready to ruin your result.  Pre-match, you had a great bit of intuition, but now, live, as it happens, your intuition is telling you that a tying goal looks inevitable.  

When you play with a betting site that lets you settle your wagers early, you have the ability to take a significant payout as a reward for your solid pre-match intuition - even though the full-time result might eventually prove your initial intuition to be incorrect.  

3)  Retrieve some stake money after the start of the match: You’re watching the match and it looks like you’ve got it wrong.  If you’re convinced the match will continue as-is toward a loss, by using the early settlement functionality, your bookie might offer you a small percentage of your stake money back if you cash out before the match concludes.

The history of the early cash out feature

The first betting site to develop an the the ability to settle one’s bet before an event has gone final is also arguably the betting industry’s biggest company.  In the years that followed, many betting sites knew ability to cash out early was an important point of differentiation.  The pioneering company had developed a feature that bettors loved, as it gave people the ability to secure profits and minimise losses in a manner that had never before been offered.

As such, many online bookmakers moved to develop their own early wager settlement features.  As these online sportsbook companies caught up, the pioneering company innovated to offer its customers the ability to use a ‘Partial Cash Out’ function so that their users could hedge their bets.  Customers could settle a partial amount of their bet early and leave the remaining stake amount to see out the event to its conclusion. Learn which betting sites offer a partial cash out option.

Since several online bookmakers have developed their own version of the “Partial Cash Out”, the pioneering company innovated yet again to offer “Auto Cash Out”.  The prices that come with early settlement offers will fluctuate through the course of each sporting event.  With Auto Cash Out, before or during an event, customers can set a value at which they will accept an early settlement of their wager.  If the value of the payout reaches the Auto Cash Out threshold, the bookmaker settles the bet for the customer instantly.  Time will tell if other betting sites will look to develop this feature as well.

Early cash out offer reliability: Offers change often - watch for confirmations

Note that by its very nature, the ‘Cash Out’ features are dynamic.  As an event progresses, new price offers are being formulated.  Every effort is made by these betting sites to ensure the latest eligible Cash Out offer that you see displayed is in fact still good and valid.  

In reality, human error, Internet lag time and connectivity levels can prevent bettors from successfully taking advantage of a particular offer.  As such, each site will have some form of early ‘Cash Out’ offer confirmation.  When you move to settle your bet early, the bookie site will notify you directly that the offer was successfully accepted.  You will find this confirmation in the bet slip, the associated ‘Cash Out’ area of the site or in a historical register of your bets.  

If you don’t see this notification or a record of a successful settlement, the offer may have changed before you could accept it successfully or the betting market was suspended before you could accept the offer.  If the offer changed, you will likely have another Cash Out offer to consider.  Expect that you may not always accept your offer in time and that you will essentially have to agree to the site’s terms and conditions that you understand that this is the case.

Cash out feature availability: Eligible sports, betting markets & betting styles

In terms of the ability to settle your wagers before an event has concluded, in your interface, the betting site will show you if ‘Cash Out’ is available and if so, the value of the current price on offer.  There are many reasons why the ‘Cash Out’ may be unavailable.  Each site has their own rules regarding eligible sports, betting markets bet styles (singles, combinations, permutations).  

Thus below,  you can read about these important points for each site to see if you will be able to use the feature to settle your wager early in the way that you hope to for each site.  Note that if you placed a bet with a ‘free bet credit’ or another promotional offer, the early wager settlement feature will likely be unavailable for that bet.  


Tennis Markets: Match Betting. Set Winner. Set Betting (Match).

Basketball Markets: Handicap. Total Points. Money Line.

Horse Racing Markets: Outright Win (not including SP bets & Ante post markets). Outright Each Way (not including SP bets & Ante post markets).  Note that you may not cash out on horse racing that is in-running.  You can cash out after the race has settled.  All horse racing is available, including outside Ireland and the UK.

Note that you can mix your accumulator between the above sports and apply toward the cash out feature as long as the markets are those marked as eligible.

Partial Cash out is available in all the same ways as their normal cash out feature.  With it, you can use a slider to set how much money will be returned to you immediately, in relation to how much will be left to see out the event to its conclusion.  Interestingly, integrated in the Partial Cash Out is a feature called ‘Bank My Stake’.  With it you can set your easily set the feature to return your stake amount back to your account balance immediately, leaving everything above that amount to ride on the event to its conclusion.   

BetVictor's Cash Out option is available on Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and Horse Racing for certain betting markets, both pre-event and in-play, win single bets and accumulators only.  Permutation bets do not qualify.  For example, Trixie, Yankee, Lucky 15, Patent, etc do not qualify.

The eligible BetVictor Cash Out betting markets are as follows:

Football Markets: Match Betting – 90 mins, 1st Half & 2nd Half. Total Goals – Over/Under. Both Teams To Score – 90 mins, 1st Half & 2nd Half. Match Result & Both Teams To Score. Correct Score – 90 mins, Half Time, Extra Time To Win Extra Time & Penalty Shootout. Asian Handicaps. Asian Goal Lines. 3-Way Handicap. Double Chance. Team Total Goals. 1st Team To Score.

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All of 32Red Sport, Unibet and 888sport essentially run on the same betting software platform and this extends to their Cash Out and Partial Cash Out features.  The good news is that if you enjoy live betting for soccer, tennis and basketball on the main betting markets, you will have the ability to use these features to secure a profitable bets or minimise losses before an event has concluded.  The is that these features are only applicable on single bets.  No combination or permutation bets are available for their Cash Out features.

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Betway Cash Out Feature Grade: A

Betway’s Cash Out and Partial Cash Out features are available on singles, combination or system bets and may be used both pre-match and live in-play on the most popular betting markets.  The following betting markets are not available: Correct Score, Half Time/ Full Time, Handicaps, Total Points, Draw No Bet, Match Winner and Both Teams To Score.

For horse-racing, it is only available on combination betting and one of the selections need to have reached their conclusion before the Cash Out is offered on the rest of the bet.

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Also, if you placed a bet pre-match, you will not be offered a ‘Cash Out’ that essentially operates as a partial refund - it is available from these companies for live betting.

In summary: The early cash out features for 32Red, Unibet and 888sport are more restrictive and less flexible than other available betting sites as they are only available for single bets and for live betting.  On the plus side, they do offer a partial Cash Out option.  If you tend to stick with bets on singles within the most popular sports and betting markets, it should provide a good solution to for you.  If you’d prefer to settle your bets early when betting on a wider breadth of sports and markets and prefer combinations and multiples betting, you may prefer to look elsewhere.

William Hill Cash Out Feature Grade: A

The William Hill Early Cash Out feature is called ‘Cash In My Bet’ and often referred to as simply ‘Cash In’ and applies to singles combination and permutation bets.  William Hill has perhaps the widest breadth of available sports and betting markets available for this feature.  Quite simply, their list is too long to display here, but know that the list is extensive.  Even outright winner betting markets may be eligible for Early Cash In.  

For example, if you had a bet on the Super Bowl Winner and the bet was still in the running, William Hill could offer you the ability to Cash In your bet.  Perhaps you made the bet with confidence and your team made it to Super Bowl Sunday, but you now believe that the team they will face will be the likely winner.  With William Hill, you could likely get all of your stake money back, plus a little bit of profit.  The same concept applies for outright winner bets elsewhere in sports like on the World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals and any number of top soccer leagues.

William Hill also offers a Partial Cash Out feature so you can split your stake, cashing some of your bet in early, leaving a remaining part of your stake to see through the event to its natural conclusion.

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In terms of online sports betting, perhaps no new feature has been as important to bettors as the Cash Out feature.  Some sports betting sites, not all, have developed features that allow their customers to secure profitable wagers or minimise losses before a given event has reached its natural conclusion - hence the term: ‘cash out early.’

Imagine how much more likely you would watch the game on which you’ve bet if you had this power over your bets?  How much more engaged would you be with the team and with the live broadcast?  No longer are the days where you simply place a bet and wait until the match is over.

The betting sites listed at left offer an early ‘cash out’ option, but there are many differences in how these features can be applied. These features vary with regard to eligible sports, eligible betting markets and bet styles - singles, combinations and multiples. grades each company’s early wager settlement feature & helps you understand the differences. We even show you the top sites that don’t offer this option. After all, you might wonder if a given site not listed at left offers it. Read about each feature via the blue buttons, or the issues listed in the top navigation to get started.

Some important notes in how you read the site: The grades given are for the respective early cash out feature only, not the betting site as a whole. All sites listed are highly reputable. Also, not all sites register customers from all countries.  If you are outside the UK, you might want to view sites by country.  If your country is not covered there, Betway, 10Bet, 32Red & Unibet are the most international sites.






32Red Sport & Unibet Cash Out Feature Grade: C+

The 10Bet Cash Out feature has also proven to be an excellent option for bettors.  All of the most popular sports are available to use with both the Cash Out and Partial Cash Out options, including but not limited to Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Horse Racing.  In terms of available betting markets, nearly all markets are available.  Only Forecast/Tricast Bets, Outright Winners and To be Promoted/Relegated Bet Types are unavailable.  In terms of available bet styles, singles and accumulators are available for it, but not system bets

Interestingly and uniquely, if you do like horse racing, 10Bet’s ‘Cash Out’ feature actually allows you to settle your single horse race bet while in the running.  All others that we have reviewed only let you use the Cash Out on horses as part of a combination bet and usually between events.  

10Bet Cash Out Feature Grade: A

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BetVictor Cash Out Feature Grade: A

Cash out early betting sites organised by country

Each company is different with regard to the national markets they serve.  Each of our betting site reviews touches upon restricted territories.  So if you are curious if you can register with a given site, the reviews will show you.  However, for the sake of quick comparison, the table below shows you whether or not people from the largest national sports betting markets can register with our top early cash out bookmakers.







New Zealand


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